Potato Salad

Potato Salad

This is my go to Potato salad recipe. It is divine! Served cold it goes with about everything that you can think of.

Course Salad
Cuisine English
Keyword potato salad
Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 10 minutes
Total Time 20 minutes
Servings 8
Calories 160 kcal
Author applytofaceblog


  • 1 kg new potatoes
  • 5 tbsps mayonnaise
  • 50 grams red onion
  • 12 grams chives
  • 1 tbsp yoghurt/sour cream
Metric - U S Customary


  1. Boil the potatoes in salted water for about ten mins until tender.

  2. Meanwhile blitz the red onion in a small food processor.

  3. Drain the potatoes and allow to cool to room temp . Scatter in the red onion and snip the chives in with scissors. Add the mayo and yoghurt and then gently mix well together. Chill the ass off it.

  4. Apply to Protective Face

Nutrition Facts
Potato Salad
Amount Per Serving
Calories 160 Calories from Fat 54
% Daily Value*
Total Fat 6g 9%
Saturated Fat 1g 5%
Cholesterol 4mg 1%
Sodium 64mg 3%
Potassium 539mg 15%
Total Carbohydrates 22g 7%
Dietary Fiber 2g 8%
Sugars 1g
Protein 2g 4%
Vitamin A 1.3%
Vitamin C 31.5%
Calcium 2.1%
Iron 5.5%
* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet.